What is Moodle?

In case that you represent an educational institution and you want to make your courses accessible on the internet, then Moodle needs to be your number one option. Moodle provides a web based education web app that’s designed for academics and lecturers, who want to help make their lessons accessible on the web.

Thanks to it’s very specific target audience, Moodle is meant to be easy to navigate by the tutor as well as the student, in order to be more practical. Because of this, there’s such a significant community, committed to developing plugins and themes that broaden Moodle’s main capabilities.

Moodle is a trademark of Martin Dougiamas and is not affiliated with ideamaxima.

E-Learning Linux Website Hosting Services

Supposing that you manage an online course for pupils, your web site ought to be constantly available on the www, irrespective of how many pupils are seeing it all at once. At ideamaxima you can acquire dedicated E-Learning Linux website hosting services with 99.9% service uptime, guaranteed. Consequently no matter what occurs, your web site will remain on the internet.

All of our E-Learning Linux website hosting plans also have unrestricted disk space, unrestricted data traffic and limitless MySQL storage. To kick–start your educative web site, we also present you with a free domain name registration or domain transfer. Furthermore, we shall configure Moodle for your website the instant you join. Therefore, whenever you log in in your control panel, you will have your Moodle site already available on the web, waiting for you.

A Point & Click Website Control Panel

When you administer an online course, it’s essential to invest as much time as you can on your class and not on website supervision. That is why it’s important to have a control panel which is as user friendly as is feasible – ideamaxima’s Website Control Panel.

It’s built on top of the custom website hosting system and it’s designed to function with it specifically. That grants the Website Control Panel a big advantage in performance, safety and stability over alternative control panels. Additionally, ideamaxima’s control panel is full of applications and bonuses which can help you considerably better handle your website. With our File Manager, Domain Names Manager, E Mail Account Manager, Web Stats Manager and Database Manager you will uncover how a job like site supervision can become something easy and enjoyable.